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Scholarships at Virginia Tech

Scholarships are gift aid that do not need to be repaid. Students will automatically be considered for certain institutional scholarships after:

• Submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
• Completing the General Scholarships Application in Scholarship Central.

Students may also apply for outside scholarships offered in their communities, states, or nationwide.

Prospective Students

Upon completing an application for admission, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions provides students with their applicant credentials for use with Scholarship Central. Students will have access to this portal before an offer of admission. For maximum scholarship consideration, prospective students must submit the General Scholarship Application by January 22. In addition to the General Scholarship Application, a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must also be on file with the Virginia Tech Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid by the January 22 deadline. This means that you must include Virginia Tech's school code (003754) on the FAFSA for scholarship consideration. As new admission cycles begin in the Fall, prospective students will have time to complete both applications.

Current Students

Current students may complete the General Scholarship Application every year. Current students must apply by January 22 for each subsequent year. For example, a freshman student may submit the application in the Fall semester for their sophomore year. Students wishing to be considered in the General Scholarship Application pool must also have a FAFSA on file by the January 22 deadline.

Students with renewable scholarships will receive their renewed financial aid offers in June. Renewable scholarships require the respective year's FAFSA to be filed by the priority deadline of March 1st. If a student wishes to maintain scholarship renewal and be considered for the General Scholarship Application, the January 22nd deadline takes precedence.

Scholarship Recipients

Please complete any necessary items to avoid delays in the disbursement of your scholarship. Required items such as thank you letters can be viewed by checking the “My Applications” tab after logging into Scholarship Central. If requested, you must also submit FAFSA Verification documentation before disbursement.

Scholarships Terms and Conditions

To receive your USFA-Administered Scholarship(s), you have to acknowledge that you agree to certain terms related to scholarship eligibility. You will accept your scholarship and agree to the Term and Conditions in HokieSPA. Find additional information on our Scholarships Terms and Conditions page.

The General Scholarship Application is located on Scholarship Central and may be accessed using the link above. The FAFSA and General Scholarship Application must be completed by January 22nd for the following year's general scholarships. Please be sure to reference the Scholarship Central Users Guide for guidance.

Aimee Maurais and Arianna Krinos

Students must report any outside, non-VT related scholarships, grants, loans or other third-party program sending funds to Virginia Tech or directly to the student. Outside sources include, but are not limited, to high schools and community, civic, and professional associations. Do not report scholarships received from Virginia Tech colleges, departments, and alumni chapters.

Scholarship Types