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Grants are awarded exclusively on financial need. These are considered gift aid and unlike loans, grants do not have to be repaid. 
By filing your FAFSA within the priority deadline of the January 15th of 2018, your eligibility for any grants through Virginia Tech will be assessed. You will be notified with your Financial Aid Award package if you are eligible to receive any grants.
Virginia Tech offers several types of grants through the Federal Government, the State Government, as well as other organizations.

Students & Parent Loans

Loans must be repaid. A college education is an important investment in your future and loans are available to help to pay for the cost, however be careful how much you borrow. 


Scholarships are another type of gift aid, that will not have to be repaid. Through the FAFSA application you will automatically be considered for certain types of scholarships. Others you will have to apply for yourself, based on you merits and need.

Student Employment

Through the Federal Work Study Program you can be eligible for positions on and off campus to provide you with work to pay your way through college.