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Independent Student Confirmation

Independent Student Confirmation

These students will need to provide documentation to the University Scholarships and Financial Aid office through the Document Uploader. This documentation will allow us to confirm their status as an independent student. Upload your document under the "Independent Student Confirmation" category.


If this was already approved in a previous academic year at Virginia Tech, we will automatically approve it in subsequent years. 

Choose one to see required documentation:

Marriage Certificate

Death Certificate (if only one parent is on the birth certificate, then only one death certificate is required)

Court document naming student is a ward of the court after age 13

  • Court order
  • Documentation from tribal, Medicaid, or foster care agency
  • Written statement from an attorney
  • Verification of the student's eligibility for an education and training voucher under the John Chafee Foster Care Program
  • Written statement from a financial aid advisor from previous year

Court document naming student an emancipated minor before age of majority in their state of residence

Court order of legal guardianship in student's state of residence (cannot include stepparents)

If the student's documentation says "custody" instead of "guardianship", the student should return to the FAFSA and check "no" to legal guardianship. Student should pay attention to the "Student Unusual Circumstances". If this does not apply, they will need to add parental information

Signed statement from student proving that dependent:

  • Lives with the student
  • Currently receives more than half of their support from the student
  • Will continue to receive more than half of thier support from the student between July 1, 2024 and June 30, 2025

Direct orders

If none of these apply to you, then you will need to return to your FAFSA to make the necessary corrections to the "Student Personal Circumstances" section. 

Our office will process your documentation within two weeks of submission. We will contact you via email if we require further information.