University Scholarships and Financial Aid strives to provide individual consideration of each student's circumstances to the maximum extent possible.  Students who have special circumstances they would like taken into consideration, (i.e. cost of attendance, change in FAFSA data, dependency status) may submit an appeal to our office for review and consideration by a committee.

The following types of appeals will be considered:


Cost of Attendance Appeal

If actual expenses for a term exceed our estimated cost of attendance, please review the appeal process if an appeal is applicable.  If you have questions please contact our office. 

Dependency Appeal

Depending on the circumstances, the student may appeal to be independent for purposes of evaluating FAFSA data.

FAFSA Data Appeal 

The student may request to have FAFSA data reviewed based on a change of circumstances.

Satisfactory Academic Progress 

The student is not meeting Satisfactory Academic Requirements and must appeal to regain aid eligibility.