Virginia Tech is excited to welcome our entering students and returning students and from the Scholarships & Financial Aid Office we strive to help you finance your undergraduate college years best way possible. As a Undergraduate student you have a variety of options offered to you, based on your eligibility.

While your parents are an important partner, you are primarily responsible for your Virginia Tech experience.  All email notifications regarding financial aid will be sent directly to you .  Therefore, we recommend that you educate yourself on the financial aid process to avoid missed deadlines, document requests, and potential financial aid opportunities.

Prior to admission, USFA will correspond with prospective students via the email address provided on the FAFSA.  We will be notifying students about any verification requirements.  These notices will be time-sensitive. Therefore, we recommend that students and/or parents monitor this email address frequently.

After being offered admission to Virginia Tech, and paying the matriculation fee, new students will receive instructions to create a PID (Personal Identification) and an accompanying password.  With this PID and password, the student can create a Virginia Tech email account.  We will begin communicating with new students directly through the Virginia Tech email account immediately after the acceptance deadline. Therefore, we recommend that students also frequently monitor their VT email account.

Money Matters 

Important information from Bursar, Hokie Passport and Financial Aid about Bills, Dining Plans and FAFSA deadlines!

Tuition & Fees

Find out more about the Cost of Attendence (COA) at VT.

Types of Aid

Find out what types of aid are available to you.

How to Apply & Receive Aid

Find out about Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Policies & Regulations, Forms

Find out what requirements to maintain and keep your aid.

Alternative Academic Terms/Sessions

Find out about financial options for earning credits over summer, winter or study abroad.

Loan Repayment

Learn about how to repay your loans and what the requirements are.