International Students

All students eligible for Financial Aid are determined according to information collected from the FAFSA.  One requirement to be eligible for federal financial aid is being a citizen or eligible non-citizen.  An eligible non-citizen is one of the following:

  • A U.S. permanent resident with an alien registration receipt card (I-551)
  • A conditional permanent resident (I-551C)
  • A resident with an arrival-departure record (I-94) from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service showing any of the following designations: 
  • Refugee
  • Asylum granted 
  • Indefinite parole
  • Humanitarian parole
  • Cuban-Haitian entrant

Ineligibility for Federal Financial Aid

Students are not eligible for federal student aid if they are in the United States on a:

  • F1 Student Visa
  • F2 Student Visa
  • J1 Exchange Visitor Visa
  • J2 Exchange Visitor Visa
  • G Series Visa

However, there are still other scholarship opportunities available to international students.  Visit here for more information.