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International Students

All students eligible for Financial Aid are determined according to information collected from the FAFSA.  One requirement to be eligible for federal financial aid is being a citizen or eligible non-citizen.  An eligible non-citizen is one of the following:

  • A U.S. permanent resident with an alien registration receipt card (I-551)
  • A conditional permanent resident (I-551C)
  • A resident with an arrival-departure record (I-94) from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service showing any of the following designations: 
  • Refugee
  • Asylum granted 
  • Indefinite parole
  • Humanitarian parole
  • Cuban-Haitian entrant


Students who are not eligible for Federal Student Aid 

Examples of ineligible nonimmigrant VISAS and statuses include:

  •  A2 and A3 diplomatic VISA 
  •  B1 and B2 visitor VISA 
  •  F1, F2 or M1 student VISA 
  •  G Series VISA 
  •  H or L Series temporary employment VISA 
  •  J1 and J2 exchange visitor VISA 
  •  NATO VISA under J1 and J2
  •  DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) students 


There are some scholarships available to international students. Visit Scholarship Central for more information. 

Alternative Loans may also be available to international students. Visit FASTChoice for more information.