Virginia Tech establishes a Cost of Attendance (COA) each academic year.  The  COA is based on survey information collected from a random sample of our student population.  In some cases, the COA may differ from the figures posted, based on variables such as campus location, supplemental program fees and dormitory costs.  

The COA also serves as the maximum cap for financial aid.  Under certain circumstances, students whose awards reach that COA limit may appeal for additional aid eligibility.  Prior to submitting an appeal, students should review the COA figures available in the financial aid award notification (on Hokie SPA) to determine if an appeal is necessary.  


·         April 6, 2018 - students attending both Fall 2017 and Spring 2018                          semesters or the Spring 2018 semester only

Please allow two weeks for processing (four weeks during peak processing periods of June through August).  It is important to remember that approval of an appeal does not guarantee receipt of additional aid.  Also, because certain additional aid resources are limited, we recommend filing as soon as possible.

Submission Reasons:

·         Books and supply expenses exceed the current cost of attendance                      (COA) allocation.

·         The student has child care expenses.

·         Travel expenses exceed the current COA allocation.

·         Housing and meal expenses exceed the current COA allocation.

·         The student needs to purchase a computer.

Please note- the following are not considered for a Cost of Attendance Appeal:

·         Credit card debt

·         Car purchase

·         Car repairs

·         Car insurance

Please contact our office to see if you are eligible to file a cost of attendance appeal and obtain the forms.

2017 - 2018 Cost of Attendance Appeal