Loan Repayment

We understand that loans are an important part of the financing of a college education. We also want to make sure that we advise our students about the long term aspects of borrowing.  

Explore what repayment plan might be best for you.

Federal Unsubsidized and Graduate Plus loans have a 6 months Grace Period, after the student graduates or falls below half time (5 credits - Graduate and 6 credits - Undergraduate), before your loans go into repayment.

Find out who your loan servicer is for any questions regarding loan payment, deferment or forbearance of your Federal Loan. 

National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) If you do not know your loan servicer, please consult NSLDS. Here you can also find all resources about repayment plans, loan counseling and loan history.

From this site, you can access the Exit Counseling Guide, where you can learn more about the loan repayment process and plan options.