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Student Financial Aid Document Uploader

You can securely and easily submit forms and required documentation can to Virginia Tech University Scholarships and Financial Aid using the Document Uploader button below.

Before uploading your documents, please check to be certain the documents, including copies of tax returns, contain all necessary signatures. Electronic signatures are not acceptable.

Document Uploader Requirements and Additional Information:


  •  Email is not a secure method for providing personally identifiable information.  Due to privacy concerns, the Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid no longer accepts attachments via email.
  •  Use of the Document Uploader requires a email address or a Google account.  If you already have a email account, you should use it. Otherwise, you may use an existing Google account.  If you do not have a Google account, you may create one from the Document Uploader login page.
  • All fields on the form are required.

Completing the form and uploading your files:

VT Applicant or Student ID#: You will be required to enter the applicant ID number or VT ID number associated with the documents.

Applicant First and Last Name: Enter the applicant or student’s first and last name only.

Academic Year: Select the academic year corresponding to the documents for upload.

Select the form(s) and/or document(s) you will submit.

Naming your file(s):  Use student’s last name, first name, VT ID or number sequentially.

  • Please DO NOT password protect your files.
  • PDF is the recommended and preferred upload format. Other acceptable formats are document files (e.g., .xls or .doc) and image files (e.g., .jpg or .gif).

Add File: Click “Add File” to upload documents. You may upload more than one document per transaction.

Click submit. 


You may also mail forms and documentation to:
Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid (MC0222) 
Student Services Building Suite 200
800 Washington St SW
Blacksburg, VA 24061
 or send via fax: (540) 231-9139

The uploader is the safest means of form and document submission. Please note that sending forms and documents via regular mail, a private shipping service, or fax will add a week or more onto processing time.