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Regaining Financial Aid Eligibility

Grade or Degree Change
Students who have received a SAP failure notice due to GPA or Pace of Progress and have received a grade change will need to notify our office for a re-evaluation of SAP.  If the student is back in compliance with SAP standards, our office will update the student’s SAP status and make the necessary adjustments to their account. 

If a student is failing for undergraduate maximum-time frame and is now accepted to Graduate School, they will need to contact our office so we can update their status.  The SAP process is run with prior semester information.

University Committee Appeal
The University Committee for SAP is available when students have been through the regular Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeal process and been denied/failed/finished the contract and feel that they have extraordinary circumstances which merit an additional appeal. Please contact our office for additional information.  The deadline for submitting this appeal is the same as for a regular SAP appeal or seven days from the notification of failure or denial.