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SAP Appeal

Example Circumstances for a SAP Appeal

  • Death of an immediate family member.
  • Personal injury or illness of the student or immediate family member.
  • Serious family difficulties, such as divorce or illness.
  • Significant trauma in student’s life that impaired emotional or physical health.
  • Working simultaneously on two degrees, double major, or change of major.
  • Other unexpected circumstances beyond the control of the student.


Notification of SAP

Students who have met these requirements will not receive any type of notification.  Univeristy Scholarships and Financial Aid will notify students who have not met SAP standards stating ineligibility for financial aid. The notification will be sent by email to the student’s Virginia Tech email address and will outline the academic standards, reason(s) the student failed, and other pertinent information regarding appeal reason and procedures.

Once the notification is sent, students have 14 days from the date of notification or by the deadline dated list on the appeal form to submit an appeal.  If a student files a FASFA after the start of the term, the last day to file the appeal will be listed on the appeal form.

Potential Delay of Disbursements

Financial aid may not be disbursed to a student’s account until SAP has been evaluated.  This process cannot be completed until after grades have officially posted from the prior semester.  

NOTE:  Students who fail SAP may experience a delayed financial aid disbursement if grades are not made official before the start of the subsequent semester.  No exceptions can be made to this process. Late fees will not be waived.

Students Who Do Not Appeal

Students who choose not to appeal will be required to meet the SAP standards before regaining eligibility for financial aid.  Once the student has regained SAP, the student is eligible to receive financial aid at Virginia Tech.  The student cannot automatically regain eligibility by paying for classes for a semester, by sitting out a semester, or by taking classes elsewhere.