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Notification of Appeal Decision

SAP appeals will be reviewed once all required documentation is received. Notification of the decision will be emailed to the student’s Virginia Tech email address within 15 business days.


Approved Decision:

If the appeal is approved, the student will be placed on an academic plan/contract whereby specific conditions must be satisfied to demonstrate progress toward degree completion each semester.  The plan/contract must be signed and returned accepting the terms to receive aid.  The academic plan/contract is an agreement with the student and financial aid office that may be stricter than the above guidelines in order for a student to successfully graduate.  Acceptance of the approved plan/contract supersedes all other SAP regulations.  The student’s approved academic plan/contract may be shared with his or her academic department.

The Financial Aid Office will evaluate all students that have a SAP plan/contract at the end of each semester.  If a student meets the terms of the plan/contract but is not back in compliance, the contract will be extended for another term.

A student that fails to meet the terms of the plan/contract will lose financial aid eligibility until the student is able to meet all the SAP standards. The decision of he SAP commitee is final.

Denied Decision:

If the appeal is denied, the student may pay for the classes out of pocket or make monthly payments using the budget tuition plan. Students will regain eligibility for federal, state, and institutional aid once they meet SAP standards.  If you feel you have extraordinary circumstances that were not considered in your appeal, please contact our office.