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SAP Evaluation


The Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid evaluates Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) annually, at the end of spring semester once grades are posted.  All students who have filed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and/or have applied for an alternative loan are included in this review.  This is a cumulative review of all semesters regardless of whether or not the student received financial aid during a particular academic year.  The evaluation is based on the student meeting the criteria listed below:

• Grade Point Average:  The minimum GPA requirement is based on the number of credit hours attempted.  A student must maintain a 2.0 GPA (Undergraduate) and 3.0 (Graduate).

• Pace:  A student must earn credit for at least 67% of the hours they attempt.  This calculation is performed by dividing the number of credit hours earned by the number of credit hours attempted. 

• Maximum Timeframe: No student may exceed 150% of the published length of their educational program. Students will be notified and will need to appeal for financial aid when they are approaching 150%.

Students who fail to meet any one of the criteria are considered ineligible for financial aid.  

In addition, a requirement on your HokieSpa account will appear under "Financial Aid Information"

If you believe you meet the SAP requirements after a period of non-compliance, please notify us of a possible change in your status at