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Alternative Academic Terms/Sessions

Summer Session

At Virginia Tech you can take extra classes over summer. We have three summer sessions, which will use the 2023-2024 FAFSA to determine eligibility for the summer 2024 term. 

  • Summer I - May to June
  • Summer II - July to August
  • Summer III - May to August

Winter Session

Winter Session is a shortened academic session which allows students to earn a minimum of 3 additional credits during the academic year.

Study Abroad

When planning your study abroad trip it is important to know how it will be financed. In most cases, the student should have already received a financial aid notification based on Blacksburg campus attendance, which may be enough to cover some study abroad expenses. The award package is unlikely to increase once we adjust for the study abroad cost. Additional aid resources for most Global Education students consist of the Parent PLUS and Private/Alternative Loan.


A Co-op or internship is a wonderful way to get a taste of the 'real world'. As you are considered in work at this time, you will not be enrolled at Virginia Tech. Therefore you are not eligible for any financial aid. However, your loans will not go into repayment during this time, as you are still in the process of completing your education.  You must contact Career and Professional Development to enroll for a place holder class so that your federal loans stay in deferment.