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"Thank you Letter" & Awarding Procedures

Thank you letters for General Scholarships will be collected on Scholarship Central. Students who have been offered a General Scholarship that requires a thank you letter should receive an email with a link to accept the award and complete the letter. Students may also check their outstanding offers by clicking on “My Applications” in Scholarship Central. Please note that General Scholarships may not be added to your financial aid award until a required thank you letter is received.

Tips to assist you in preparing your letter:

  • Be sure to include a proper closing, such as “Sincerely".
  • Include your return address (your college address or your permanent home address).
  • Use the scholarship name provided for your salutation.  (Example: Dear Dr. Smith Scholarship Committee)
  • Mention the name of the scholarship in your letter.
  • Express your gratitude for the scholarship.  Use the words, “thank you".
  • You may want to provide information about yourself to include your major, your hometown, your special interests, your campus activities, your goals, or why you selected Virginia Tech.
  • Tell the donor how the scholarship will help you – particularly how it will help you reach your goals.
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Check your spelling and grammar carefully.  Double check to be sure that you spell the donor’s name and scholarship name correctly.
  • Your letter should be no less than one paragraph in length. 
  • Please do not include the date or the scholarship amount you have been awarded in your letter.


Questions? Please email or call 540-231-5179.