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Maximum Time-frame

Students must complete their degree within a specified amount of time.  This standard will depend on the student’s enrollment status and degree.  The table below shows how different grades and courses are counted towards the Maximum-Time Frame allowance. 

No student may exceed the Federal limit of 150% of the published length of their educational program. Students will be notified and will need to appeal for financial aid when they are approaching 150%.  

Example: An Undergraduate student that is required to complete 120 credits to graduate will be eligible for financial aid up to 150 credits before they are required to appeal.  An undergraduate student pursuing a degree that requires 136 credits to graduate will be eligible up to 170 credits before they are required to appeal. 

Dual degree and second degree students receive an additional 30 credits. Double majors or minors do not. Students pursuing a double major or dual degree should note that once a student has completed the requirements for one major or degree, financial aid eligibility may be limited. 

Grade Earned Counted towards Maximum Time-Frame
A, B, C, D (=/-) Yes
P, X, EQ Yes
F, NG, NR Yes
I, WG, W, WP Yes
RG, RP Yes
Dual Enroll Yes
Transfer Hours Yes
Withdrawl after census date Yes
Grades removed by medical withdrawl or academic relief Yes
Classes failed due to academic suspension Yes