Veterinary Medicine Student with Horse

Financial aid is available for students applying to the Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.  Students should be aware of the following information as it could affect their financial aid.  Questions concerning financial aid should be directed to our office, attention Stephanie Breeding at or 540-231-5179.

To be considered for financial aid, students must electronically submit a FAFSA.  More information on submitting a FAFSA and the FAFSA Process can be found on our FAFSA page.

Financial Aid Eligibility

  • Eligible to borrow up to $40,500 annually in Federal Unsubsidized Loan
  • Eligible to borrow up to $5,000 annually in the Health Professions Student Loan (HPSL)  The HPSL currently has a 5% interest rate (lower than the Unsubsidized Loan) and does not accrue interest while the borrower is in the program at least half time
  • May be eligible for the Graduate PLUS Loan
  • Federal Work Study
  • Scholarships available through the VMRCVM.  Contact the VMRCVM Academic Affairs Office for more information.

FAFSA Filing

  • Students in the VMRCVM are considered professional students and as such, are deemed independent for financial aid purposes by the U.S. Department of Education. 
  • Even though VMRCVM students are considered independent on the FAFSA, the Department of Health and Human Services requires parent information be listed on the original FAFSA for each academic year to be eligible for the Health Professions Student Loan.  
  • Students who wish to qualify for the Federal Work Study program must file their FAFSA by the priority deadline of March 1.

Cost of Attendance

Veterinary Medicine students will receive a Cost of Attendance (COA) budget consisting of amounts of tuition, fees, room, board, and other allowances, including student health insurance as this is a College requirement.  A student's financial aid award cannot exceed the amount of the Cost of Attendance.

It is important to remember that the Cost of Attendance is not the same as the Award Package or the University Bill.  See our Cost of Attendance page and our Award Package page for more information on these topics.