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Graduate PLUS Loans


The Graduate PLUS Loan ("Grad PLUS") is available as a supplement to the  Federal  Unsubsidized Loan. When the annual unsubsidized loan limit is reached, a Grad PLUS loan may be requested for any remaining eligibility under the Cost of Attendance (COA minus unsubsidized loans minus any other aid).  Students must complete the FAFSA and be enrolled at least half time (5 credits).  Students must also maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

Application Process:

Unlike the unsubsidized loan, the Graduate PLUS Loan requires an approved credit check.  The approval process is generally less rigorous than private student loans. Students who are denied a Graduate PLUS Loan, based on adverse credit history, may still secure approval through an endorser.  

The Department of Education's PLUS Application site combines the Federal Graduate PLUS Loan application and the Master Promissory Note under one process. Please apply at least 30 days before the bill due date to ensure timely processing of the loan.

Certification and Disbursement

The Department of Education will notify Virginia Tech of approved PLUS applications. Once we receive the application, we will mark it as "R" (received) on the Hokie SPA.  If the student is enrolled at least half-time (5 credits) and is eligible for the Grad PLUS loan, VT will certify the loan for the requested amount or the remaining eligibility (Cost of Attendance minus other aid received).  The amount processed can be viewed at the student’s Hokie SPA.