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Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid

Important Announcements

  • View your financial aid on HokieSPA.
  • EMAIL SCAM ALERT July 9, 2021 - Internship phishing
  • Fall 2021 bills posted on July 16 and balances are due August 10 - if you have not done so already: Hokies, accept your offered student loans if you plan to use them. Hokie parents, apply for your Parent PLUS or alternate loan now if you plan to apply for one.
  • Hokie's offered Federal Work Study - the deadline to accept your FWS offer was July 1. We will cancel unaccepted FWS offers this week. Log into HokieSPA and accept your FWS if you want to take advantage of this type of financial aid. You may accept your offer even if you have not secured a job or if you are not 100% sure you want one.
  • Financial and scholarship questions - try the HokieBird chatbot! - HokieBird can answer your questions and help you find information you need on the website. The more HokieBird gets used the better HokieBird gets at answering your questions. Go ahead, give HokeBird a try! Watch the How-to video for information on how to effectively engage with the HokieBird chatbot.
  • In-person hours Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm - University Scholarships and Financial Aid will continue to use space on the first floor of the Student Services Building for in-person advising and document submission.
  • Financial aid advisors are available via phone from 8am until 5pm Monday through Friday. You may also email us your questions, If you are a parent calling or emailing, please have your FERPA passcode ready for the call or include it in the email. Your Hokie may set up your FERPA passcode in HokieSpa. Summer is our busiest time of the year, so you may experience extended wait time when calling.

    FINANCIAL AID AND COVID-19 Information for New and Current Hokies

2021-2022 FAFSA

Let's Go, Hokies! Do your FAFSA! March 1, 2021 is the priority FAFSA filing deadline. Current and prospective Hokies file your FAFSA now. FAFSA’s received after this date are not eligible for Virginia state or institutional grants or federal work study.

VT Scholarship Central  

The general scholarship application deadline was January 22, 2021. Students may still apply for open scholarship opportunities in Scholarship Central.

View Your Financial Aid

Log into HokieSPA to check the status of your financial aid, to see if you have any requested items you need to submit to our office, to accept/decline student loans or workstudy, and to view the eligiblity requirements of your grants, scholarships, and loan.

Upload completed forms

Submit completed forms and required documents online. Please check to be certain the documents you upload, including copies of tax returns, contain all necessary signatures.
Note: Do not submit forms or any supporting documentation via email.