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How to write a SAP appeal

Supporting Documentation

Supporting documentation is required for all appeals.  Sources may include counselor, doctor, therapist, police, clergy, Cook Counseling, or Services for Students with Disabilities.  It could be a death certificate, a statement from a lawyer, a police or court document or documentation illustrating commitments outside of school.  This is not a letter in support of being granted an appeal, this is documentation supporting your reason(s) given for failing SAP standards.    

Specify Your Situation

Please be as specific as possible. Keep in mind you will need to provide 3rd party documentation in support of the reasons given. Explain how the situation affected you and what about the situation caused you not to meet SAP requirements. 

Return to Compliance

While listing specific steps to get back in compliance, instead of putting “ I plan to study more, attend all my classes, and try harder,” list specific ways you will change, such as “I have met with the Student Success Center and am signed up to take College Success Strategies. I am meeting with my professor once a week for chemistry. I have started keeping a planner to mark out assignment deadlines.” We suggest that you include at least three specific actions.

Staying in Compliance

For the third question of how you will remain in compliance, list at least three concrete items. Do not put “I will continue to do my best.” Rather, say something like “I have an accountability partner that will check with me weekly. I will meet with my academic advisor the first Tuesday of every month. I am meeting with a counselor at the Cook Counseling Center to talk about my parent’s divorce.

Failure to adequately explain your circumstances and/or what actions you are taking  may result in your appeal being denied. Our goal is for you to write an appeal that captures what went wrong and how you are taking control of your studies to do well and graduate on time. The SAP committee can then best determine if your appeal can be granted.

Note: Circumstances related to the typical adjustments to college life, such as working while attending school, different environment from community college or high school or balancing involvement in student organizations with studying, are not acceptable reasons for appeal to the SAP policy.