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Outside Scholarships

General Information

Outside scholarships are any scholarships a student receives that are not directly from Virginia Tech or a department within Virginia Tech (i.e. College of  Engineering, Pamplin College of Business.)  There are many scholarship opportunities outside of Virginia Tech.  We recommend that you follow these general guidelines in your search:

  • Begin the scholarship search a year prior to the academic year of the award.
  • High school seniors should check with high school guidance departments.
  • Community college transfer students should check with the financial aid office of their current schools.
  • All students should check  with local organizations (community service, non-profit agencies, church/denomination, employers.)
  • Search the internet; many are found simply by exploring personal interests.

As a general rule, scholarship applications should be free: scholarship services that charge either to search for scholarships, or to file an application, may be scams.

Please refer to the 'Scholarship Announcements' on the right side of the page for outside scholarship opportunities.